Wilkes County Agricultural Fair

racing pigs on the track, racing pigs wilkes county fairBecause of the special efforts from the North Wilkesboro Rotary Club membership, those living in Wilkes County and residents of surrounding North Carolina counties are able to enjoy a popular autumn event, the Wilkes County Agricultural Fair. Working closely with the Wilkes County Cooperative Extension Service, Rotarians provide a venue for a variety of displays and exhibitions to feature the county's many natural resources. Every effort is made to insure that the fair event appeals to all members of the family, where they can have fun and also participate in an educational outing. In the exhibit hall, fair goers will see varieties of garden produce, canned goods, country crafts, baked goods, hand crafted quilts, livestock, and much more.

The Cooperative Extension Service awards ribbons and cash prizes presented to winners in a variety of categories. Most visitors come for the array of amusement park rides and games for all ages. One day is always set aside for the county's school children, when admittance for the students is free. During another day, Rotarians host the county's exceptional children and handicapped adults for free amusement rides and a lunch. During the fall of 1998, the fair was moved to it new home at the Worth Evan Tomlinson Park, approximately 14 acres of land, owned by a Rotary affiliated, non-profit organization. The location is conveniently located, central to all county residents, next to the West Park Medical Center.

Driving to the Fairgrounds is easy; turn off West D Street into West Park Medical Center, go to the bottom of the street, turn left at the first intersection, then make the first left, just before Cook's Sporting Goods. Proceeds from the Fair are distributed throughout the year to the many activities supported by the North Wilkesboro Rotary Club. The club contributes to most local United Way agencies, provides annual scholarships to local high school students, holds a Christmas Party for the county's foster children, and many other community functions. You can treat yourself and your family to a terrific outing, while feeling good about helping to support the many worthwhile community projects. The Wilkes County Agricultural Fair is certainly an event of which we should all be proud.

For questions about exhibits, please contact N C State Cooperative Extension, 416 Executive Drive, Suite B, Wilkesboro, NC  28697.  Phone 336.651.7330 or 336.651.7331 and Fax 336.651.7516

Lawnmower Racing

wilkes fairgrounds lawnmower racingIn addition to our Wilkes County Agricultural Fair, the North Wilkesboro Rotary Club promotes a variety of events and also makes the fairgrounds available for use by other organizations.

Since 2005, during the summer months, Rotarians play host to lawnmower racing. Oval track racing on the dirt reminds many of the beginnings of stock car racing in Wilkes County and the birth of NASCAR.

wilkes county nc lawnmower racingCrowds have grown from a few hundred to gatherings of thousands on several Saturday nights from June through September.

The Wilkes County fairground site is said by many participants to be the premier facility within the lawnmover racing circuit. Racers and fans agree, it's a wild, noisy, dusty, exciting and totally enjoyable event. Click here to see pictures of lawnmower racing.

North Wilkesboro Fire Department Merlefest Campsites

New in 2007 and continuing through 2008 is the use of the fairground as a camping site for Merlefest visitors. The property is rented by the North Wilkesboro Fire Department and that organization is responsible for administration of camping rentals throughout the Merlefest week. Registration has grown from twenty sites in 2007 to one-hundred in 2008. Positive comments from all participants indicate that the enterprise is sure to grow in coming years. Click here for more information.

And, There's More

Many organizations utilize the facility to hold "Yard Sales" that benefit their designated charities. Smart Start produces a Rodeo as one of its popular fundraiser's. And finally, "Christmas In Wilkes" uses the exhibit hall for distribution of articles to needy families during the Christmas season.

The Wilkes County Agricultural Fair is a proud member of the North Carolina Association of Agricultural Fairs. Visit ncagfairs.org for more information on the variety of agricultural fairs in our state.
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